Patio Roofs

Alfresco living, making the most of your patio come rain or shine

Plaza Viva

This framed awnings allows you to cover larger areas without needing a large pitch. This is achieved by an innovative telescopic post which can lowered to achieve the desired pitch. Learn more 

Pergotex II

Cabrio folding system is rain-proof, wind stable and fuly retractable. Intergrated drainage controls the water flow-off to the gutter and out through the post drainage. Learn more


Minimalist design retractable, textile roof with discrete support structure. Learn more

Glass Terrazza

A reliable weather protection, this elegant, stable construction is extremely durable. With the option to add sun shading either above or below the glass and side blinds for sun and wind protection. Learn more

Louvre roofs

Aluminium louvers can be adjusted to shade from the sun, let light in or protect from the rain. With the ability to be freestanding or attached to the facade; options of sides blinds or glass sliding doors can create an extra living space outdoors which can be fully tailored to your requirements. Dimmable Lighting and heaters are available on these systems to create atmosphere and warmth.


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